Membership Benefits

ISA aims to provide the following benefits to members:

-  Greater representation of the Indonesia Superyacht Industry in the Indonesia, the region and worldwide;

-  Work towards attracting more superyachts and meeting in the fastest and most cost efficient way the challenges and  
  opportunities of this nascent industry;

-  Steering the industry and setting the agenda;

-  Cost savings;

-  Improved cross-border links and better networking opportunities;

-  Via participation in various ISA working committees, the capacity to influence change and be at the cutting edge of
  developments in the sector;

-  A stronger industry platform with global reach;

-  Better industry representation, research and analysis;

-  Participation in international conferences and workshops;

-  A forum for improved education of investors and general training of industry participants ;

-  Access to more focused information and market intelligence through member newsletters, industry publications and website
Indonesia Superyacht Association